seahouses beach, bamburgh castle northumberland

Area Guide – Seahouses

Seahouses is a fabulous little holiday town with a beautiful harbor. Many people will claim it’s the most popular holiday destination on the Northumberland Coast. This is mainly down to the sheer variety of attractions it can boast. It’s a gorgeous place. … Read More

Area Guide – Northumberland National Park

Northumberland National Park is well known for its scenic routes and stunning wildlife. It’s the most unpopulated and remote national park in the whole of England. As such, your experience of the place will be utterly relaxing. Tourists flock here when they want to get away from it all and be one with nature. It’s tranquil, calm, and home to loads of great attractions. It’s simply impossible to do and see everything in this national park. … Read More

Bamburgh Northumberland coast

Area Guide – Newton-By-The-Sea

Newton-By-The-Sea is well known as one of the most stunning villages on The Northumberland Coast. Anyone that visits this village will marvel at the beautiful cottages that look out onto the incredible beach. Although the village is small, there’s plenty of accommodation for holiday goers. You can rent some cute self-catered cottages in a perfect spot on the coastline. But, you better make your enquiries soon, as it’s a highly sought after holiday destination. Newton has a whole list of attractions that make it such a brilliant place to visit. … Read More

farne islands northumberland

Area Guide – Farne Islands

Between the beautiful towns of Seahouses and Bamburgh lies Farne Islands. These islands are utterly stunning, and a must-see attraction for anyone visiting Northumberland. There are plenty of photo opportunities as the islands throw up gorgeous scenery and nature. They’re high on the list of tourist venues in this part of the country, and for good reason. Farne Islands are made up of around 15-28 small islands. Each one has a whole host of attractions and fun things to do. … Read More

Embleton Village Northumberland

Area Guide – Embleton

The small village of Embleton is located a short way from the glorious Northumberland coast. It’s a tourism magnet and has been growing in popularity over the years. The main reason people travel here is because of the beautiful Embleton Bay. It’s a stunningly sandy beach that goes on for miles. But, it also happens to be a village full of ancient history, making it very traditional and stunning. Any time spent in Embleton is guaranteed to be full of fun and laughs. … Read More

Cheviot Hills Northumberland Holidays

Area Guide – The Cheviots

The Cheviots is a name given to a group of hills in the northern area of the Northumberland National Park. They’re seen as an iconic piece of the landscape. Many years ago, the Cheviots were formed by a cooling of lava. This gave them a distinctive rounded look, which is what they’re known for today. … Read More

Beadnell Harbour Northumberland

Area Guide – Beadnell

Beadnell is a beautiful village set in the County of Northumberland. It’s situated right on the coastline, making for some glorious weather during the summer time. Each year, thousands of people travel to Beadnell for their summer holidays. There is a wealth of holiday accommodation there too, which is why it attracts so many tourists. … Read More

Area Guide – Bamburgh

Bamburgh is seen as one of the most beautiful small villages in all of England. You’ll find it right on the Northern stretch of the Northumberland Coast. Although it’s a small village, there’s plenty of tourist attractions in this stunning place. … Read More

Area Guide – The Alnwick Garden

The Alnwick Garden is situated within the peaceful village of Alnwick. Everyone that visits the village will tell you to go to the Alnwick Gardens. The moment you walk through the garden gates, you’re greeted with a scene of absolute beauty. There’s a water feature called the Grand Cascade that shimmers in the summer sunlight. It’s a breathtaking place to be. … Read More

Alnwick castle main wall northumberland

Area Guide – Alnwick

Alnwick is a beautifully historic town set on the coast of Northumberland’s coastline. It’s fast becoming one of the most popular holiday destinations in the UK. There’s plenty of things to do and a lot to explore in this market town. Alnwick is the perfect setting for a weekend getaway or a family holiday this summer. … Read More