Alnwick castle main wall northumberland

Alnwick is a beautifully historic town set on the coast of Northumberland’s coastline. It’s fast becoming one of the most popular holiday destinations in the UK. There’s plenty of things to do and a lot to explore in this market town. Alnwick is the perfect setting for a weekend getaway or a family holiday this summer. To help make the most out of your holiday, here are some of the best things to do:

Take A Tour Around Alnwick Castle

The ancient Alnwick Castle is as popular as it is beautiful. It’s draped in rich history, and can even boast some screen time in a blockbuster movie. Yes, Alnwick Castle has perhaps become most famous for being the setting of Hogwarts in the famous Harry Potter movie franchise. This makes it an ideal place to take the kids, or any grown up Potterheads! Even those that aren’t interested in the franchise will have a great time. The architecture is stunning, and there’s so much history to enjoy. Tours are relatively cheap, and it’s a great way to spend the day.

Visit The Alnwick Garden

Located right by Alnwick Castle is the stunning Alnwick Garden. It’s a revived public garden that was nothing a decade ago. This garden is truly unique and has a futuristic design. If you want somewhere to relax and have a picnic, then this is the place for you. There also happens to be plenty of water that brings the place to life. It’s perfect for a hot summer’s day when you need to get wet to cool down. There’s endless fun to be had here; it’s a must for anyone that’s visiting Alnwick.

Play Some Golf

There are three golf courses located around the Alnwick area. The closest of which are both situated a short drive away in Alnmouth. These courses are stunning and perfect for golfers of any skill level. I suggest you try and get down there when it’s sunny, as the views can be sublime. Both courses are right next to the coast, so you can have a marvelous view of the bright blue sea.

Go On A Ghost Walk

Another exciting thing to do in Alnwick is to go on a ghost walk. The great thing about this town is that there’re so many great places for a long walk. But, why not make things a little bit different? Ghost walks are ideal for family holiday goers, or people looking for a spooky experience. You get to journey around some of the most haunted buildings in Alnwick during the dead of night. A tour guide will be with you explaining the background of all the hauntings. Expect a few jump scares and a load of fun.

Enjoy Some Birdwatching

The great thing about Alnwick is that it lies on the Northumberland Coastline, which is a prime spot for birdwatching. You’ll see lots of colourful and beautiful breeds of bird if you go on long walks outside of the village.


Add these things to your to-do list if you’re journeying to Alnwick for a holiday this year!



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