The Alnwick Garden is situated within the peaceful village of Alnwick. Everyone that visits the village will tell you to go to the Alnwick Gardens. The moment you walk through the garden gates, you’re greeted with a scene of absolute beauty. There’s a water feature called the Grand Cascade that shimmers in the summer sunlight. It’s a breathtaking place to be.

And, this beautiful garden is unlike any other. There’s enough to do there that will take up an entire day of your holiday.

Ornamental Garden

If you’re going to the Alnwick Gardens then you have to visit the Ornamental Garden. Walk through the Venetian gates atop the Grand Cascade and you’ll find this pretty little area. It’s full of so many plants and flowers. The place smells amazing and has a brilliant design. There’s an intricate planting pattern that creates a stunning view. There are lots of lovely pathways to walk down and take in the scent of lavender and fruit trees. Right in the middle of the Ornamental Garden is a bubbling pool that runs throughout the garden. Alongside it are droves of gorgeous roses and other vibrant flowers. Take a seat on one of the many benches and relax while enjoying your stunning surroundings.

Grand Cascade

It’s been mentioned a couple of times in this guide, and the Grand Cascade is a major attraction of these gardens. As well as looking beautiful, it also springs to life now and then. Every half hour there will be a spectacular water display that leaves you open mouthed. In fact, the Grand Cascade has four different displays that happen at random. Many people enjoy visiting the gardens and seeing if they can witness all four displays in one day!

Woodland Walk

The Woodland Walk epitomizes everything that’s great about the Alnwick Gardens. Amongst all the flowers and foliage, this walk gives a little countryside feel to the place. Not many public gardens can boast being so diverse. There are loads of sculpture exhibitions to see when you’re on this walk, as well as some beautiful wildlife. If you’re lucky, you might just spot a red squirrel or two!

Serpent Garden

One of the most popular features is the Serpent Garden. People love walking around this winding garden and finding the beautiful water feature hidden inside. Be warned, you’re going to get wet, especially if you’re with kids. Nothing will stop them from splashing you, so bring some waterproof clothes!


As well as being full of beautiful foliage, the Alnwick Gardens are home to lots of wildlife. You’ll find plenty of birds within the gardens, all of which are colourful and rare. The more you walk around, the more breeds you spot. It’s a birdwatchers paradise!


The Alnwick Gardens are more than just a garden. It’s a unique place to visit, and you must take the time to explore all the amazing features. If you get tired, then head to the pavilion for some food and more amazing views of the garden.



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