Bamburgh is seen as one of the most beautiful small villages in all of England. You’ll find it right on the Northern stretch of the Northumberland Coast. Although it’s a small village, there’s plenty of tourist attractions in this stunning place. If you want to go there for a short holiday, then here’s a guide to the best attractions and sights:

Visit Bamburgh Castle

The first thing you’ll notice in Bamburgh is the big castle that dominates the village. It sits high on a rocky perch and spans across a whopping nine acres of land. Bamburgh Castle is one of the main reasons so many people come to this village for a holiday. It’s one of the most impressive castles in the country, and a joy to walk around. There’s so much history inside the castle walls; you can spend an entire day exploring it. Perfect for groups of holiday goers or individuals looking for something interesting to do.

Play A Few Rounds Of Golf

One of the best things about Bamburgh is that it can boast its very own 18-hole golf course. This course is one of the greatest in the land, thanks to its stunning views. It’s perched up high and gives a great view of the Bamburgh Castle and village. The course is great for people looking to unwind and enjoy a scenic round of golf. And, if you get hungry, there’s a clubhouse that sells food and is open all year round.

Walk Along The Coast

If you want a beautiful coastline, then Bamburgh is the place to be. It’s well-known as an excellent base for walkers and cyclists. There are plenty of amazing trails you can walk or cycle along, so take your pick. I recommend heading North towards the gorgeous Budle Bay. Not only is this place stunning, but it’s a prime location for bird watchers. You can spot lots of unique species here, all of which look magnificent. If cycling is more your thing, then start off in Bamburgh and make your way along the Northumberland close. Avid cyclists recommend a 21-mile route that takes you all the way around some beautiful towns and back to Bamburgh.

Make A Splash With Some Watersports

Bamburgh has a glorious beach that is a very popular place for watersports. When the weather’s right, you can experience some serious waves that are perfect for surfing or bodyboarding. And, if you’ve never surfed before, then you can get surfing lessons while you’re there. There are plenty of nearby shops that sell watersports equipment too, so you’ll have a whale of a time. This beach is one of the country’s best locations for surfing, kitesurfing, and sailing. If you want to pass the time, this is the place to be.


There’s so much fun stuff for you to do during a holiday in Bamburgh. It’s one of the most popular coastal villages in the UK, and for good reason! If you’re planning on going there soon, then use this guide to help you create an itinerary.



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