Beadnell Harbour Northumberland

Beadnell is a beautiful village set in the County of Northumberland. It’s situated right on the coastline, making for some glorious weather during the summer time. Each year, thousands of people travel to Beadnell for their summer holidays. There is a wealth of holiday accommodation there too, which is why it attracts so many tourists. In addition to this, there are so many great things to do in Beadnell, the best of which you can find in the guide below:

Relax Down At The Beach

The village of Beadnell is right at the end of a magnificent beach known as Beadnell Bay. It stretches for miles, with huge sand dunes as far as the eye can see. A lot of people claim the UK doesn’t have any proper beaches, but Beadnell puts this myth to bed. It’s known as one of the best beaches on the UK coastline and is perfect for watching the sunset. Get down there in summer, and you’ll be greeted with great weather and an awesome time. Perfect for tourists looking for a relaxing beach holiday on the Northumberland coast.

Go Wild With Watersports

For many people, Beadnell is seen as the watersports capital of England. Anyone that goes there will remark on all the amazing activities you can take part in. From dune sledding on the sandy beach to cliff jumping into the beautiful sea. Beadnell Bay is also a hot location for surfers and bodyboarder. This is due to the waves that can be generated of up to 15ft! And, if you’re not much of a surfer, there are still other great water sports you can enjoy too. The bay is perfect for waterskiing and wakeboarding as well.

Take A Dive Under The Sea

There’s no doubt about it; Beadnell Bay is the prime attraction in this area. And, the fun continues with the many diving and snorkeling clubs in the vicinity. If you fancy exploring the crystal clear water, then there are plenty of places to do it. You’ll find many popular diving sites, including one that takes you down to a ship wreckage from the 1940’s!

Go For A Scenic Walk

Believe it or not but many people come to Beadnell for a nice long walk. Its location is perfect for ramblers and dog walkers looking for a beautiful backdrop. There are miles of idyllic walking routes along the gorgeous coastline. I recommend setting off on your walk in the late summer afternoon. You can loop around the coast and by the time you return to Beadnell Bay, you’ll be able to watch the perfect sunset. Of course, if walking isn’t your cup of tea, then you can always rent a bike and cycle the walking routes. You could even go off the trail and explore some of Beadnell’s hidden gems while you’re at it.



For all your holiday needs, head down to Beadnell this summer. It’s a great place for a short stay or week long trip. There’s plenty of fun things to do, and loads of pubs and restaurants to whet your appetite after a long day.



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