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Between the beautiful towns of Seahouses and Bamburgh lies Farne Islands. These islands are utterly stunning, and a must-see attraction for anyone visiting Northumberland. There are plenty of photo opportunities as the islands throw up gorgeous scenery and nature. They’re high on the list of tourist venues in this part of the country, and for good reason. Farne Islands are made up of around 15-28 small islands. Each one has a whole host of attractions and fun things to do.


Visit The Bird Sanctuary On Staple Island

On one of the Farne Islands, you’ll see a famous bird sanctuary that’s perfect for birdwatching. There are so many nesting birds to be found and watched while there. In general, all of the Farne Islands are ideal for birdwatching enthusiasts. However, this sanctuary is definitely the best place to be. Breeding season is between May and July, and that’s where you’ll see the most birds. You can witness some rare seabird breeds that you won’t find anywhere else on the British coastline.


See The Lighthouse On Longstone Island

Longstone Island is home to a famous lighthouse with a legendary tale. It used to be home to Grace Darling and her father, who saved nine survivors from a ship wreckage in 1838. This lighthouse was still in operation until 1990 when it became unmanned. Now, people can go inside it and see Grace’s small bedroom from where she saw the shipwrecked sailors clinging to the rocks. It’s a unique experience and something you should witness while you’re traveling around the Islands. Plus, the views from the lighthouse are insane. It’s perfectly situated, and you have a clear view of neighboring islands and the Northumberland coast.


Go For A Walk Around The Outer Farnes

There are many small islands known as The Outer Farnes that aren’t as populated as the rest. Well, they aren’t populated by human life! Instead, they’re home to thousands of beautiful Atlantic Grey Seals. My advice is to get to these islands and go on a long walk around them all. Take in the scenes and see the amazing wildlife. If you’ve never seen a seal up close, then you have to go there. Trust me; they’re gorgeous creatures and well worth the trip. And, you get to go on a nice long walk, so that’s a bonus too!


Experience Some Scuba Diving

Farne Islands is the perfect location to do some deep sea scuba diving. There are diving companies nearby that offer a total diving experience. You can take the plunge into the crystal clear sea and dive down into the depths below. There’s no shortage of cool shipwrecks to see, as well as some pretty marine life. Most people come to Farne Islands specifically for the diving sites, make sure you don’t miss out!




The Farne Islands are just a short boat journey away from the mainland and well worth a visit. No trip to Northumberland is complete without stopping off at Farne Islands. There are plenty of day returns available from either Seahouses or Bamburgh.



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