Bamburgh Northumberland coast

Newton-By-The-Sea is well known as one of the most stunning villages on The Northumberland Coast. Anyone that visits this village will marvel at the beautiful cottages that look out onto the incredible beach. Although the village is small, there’s plenty of accommodation for holiday goers. You can rent some cute self-catered cottages in a perfect spot on the coastline. But, you better make your enquiries soon, as it’s a highly sought after holiday destination. Newton has a whole list of attractions that make it such a brilliant place to visit.

Brilliant Beaches For Walks

Newton beach is absolutely mesmerizing and a joy to visit. The best thing about it is that it never feels crowded. It’s so big that even during peak times, you’ll be able to find a spot to set up shop and relax. You can take a dip in the water on a sunny day, as it’s the highest UK standard of bathing water quality. And, if you fancy being more active, then why not take a walk along this vast beach? Keep walking until you get to Craster, and you’ll be able to see the gorgeous Dunstanburgh Castle on your way. Many people rate this long walk as one of the best in the country! It’s a circular walk so you’ll find your way back to the beautiful beach while taking in the sublime scenery.

Birdwatching Heaven

If you’re after some brilliant birdwatching opportunities, then Newton is the place to be. In the area around the village, you’ll see so many species of bird. And, it doesn’t stop there, the area is known for its pretty wildlife. Take a trip to the Newton Pool Bird Reserve to see a variety of rare birds. It’s a wildlife haven and a beauty to behold.

Great Golf Courses

One of the great things about the Northumberland Coastline is that it’s blessed with amazing golf courses. If you’re traveling to Newton, then you won’t be far from some of the best courses in the country. There is a range of stunning ones within a very short distance, some of which are walkable! The closest one is at Embleton, just one mile down the road. Well worth the short trip if you want to get a few rounds of golf in on your holiday.

Wonderful Watersports

Newton bay is a prime spot for a range of watersports. With the right weather conditions, you can see brilliant waves that are ideal for surfing. In fact, some locals will tell you that Newton is the home of windsurfing in the UK. If these two sports aren’t your thing, then don’t worry. The bay is still perfect for yachting and kite surfing too. And, given that the beach is so large, you never have to deal with too many crowds or noise. It’s perfect for a relaxing surf or sail!


Newton has to be one of the most picturesque villages on the coastline. It’s the perfect backdrop for a summer holiday this year. If you’re stuck for things to do, then use this guide to help you enjoy your stay.



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