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Seahouses is a fabulous little holiday town with a beautiful harbor. Many people will claim it’s the most popular holiday destination on the Northumberland Coast. This is mainly down to the sheer variety of attractions it can boast. It’s a gorgeous place, and here’s a guide to its top attractions:

Boat Trips To Farne Island

Many people call Seahouses the gateway to Farne Island. You can take a boat trip to this island and enjoy so many amazing things while you’re there. It’s a beautiful place to be and perfect for a day trip. The standout feature is the Sea Bird Sanctuary, which is perfect for birdwatchers. There are so many breeds for you to see and get close to.

Horse Riding

Seahouses is an excellent place to do a bit of horse riding. There are stables where you can arrange lessons if you’re a beginner. You’ll also be able to sort out some treks and even beach rides while in Seahouses. It doesn’t get more romantic than horse riding across a sandy beach while the sun sets in the distance. If you’re not advanced enough for a beach ride, then have no fear, you won’t miss out completely! There are lots of country lanes that you can trot down and view the marvelous scenery and wildlife while you’re at it.


There’s a beach to the North of Seahouses that is perfect for watersport lovers. It provides some brilliant waves for surfers to enjoy all through the summer. Much like horse riding, if you’re a beginner, there are lessons available for you. And, any equipment you need can be rented from a nearby shop.


The town of Seahouses is also popular for its great diving locations. There are lots of ship wreckages to view, especially by Farne Islands. The water here is phenomenally clear, and you’ll see all sorts of wildlife while you dive. If you don’t fancy some deep sea diving, then there’s also a few shallow water spots that are just as good. And, don’t be surprised if you run into a stunning Atlantic Grey Seal or two while you’re at it!


The coastline by Seahouses is known for its outstanding natural beauty and elegance. As such, it’s the perfect place for cyclists. There are lots of great routes for you to cycle down and experience the amazing views. If you’re an avid cyclist, then I recommend getting down there during the August Bank Holiday weekend. This is when the Great North Bike Ride sets off from Seahouses every year. It will continue along the coast and allow you to see so much of the surrounding area. Definitely, something to do, and it gives you an excuse to visit Seahouses during the summer too!

Seahouses Golf Course

There’s an 18-hole golf course in Seahouses that’s known for its prestigious par three holes. If you want something more fun, then you can enjoy a crazy golf course too. Whether you’re a keen golfer, or just looking for a good time, Seahouses won’t disappoint.


There’s so much to do in Seahouses you’ll end up extending your trip to fit it all in! Don’t worry; there’s plenty of accommodation for you to rent in advance too.



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